We are specialists in the field of winding

We wind and manufacture small, medium, and large series of rotors and stators for all kinds of electric motors. Our narrow specialization in winding, the latest technological equipment, and above all the great expertise of our employees allow us to meet all of our customers’ demands at the highest level of quality, within the shortest deadlines, and at a very advantageous price.


SOPO was founded in 1993 as an electric motor service company. Our first operations site was in Modletice in the garage of the house belonging to the parents of Mr. Vladimír Olmr. We got into manufacturing a few years later (1999). Commutator rotors were our first product. Today we are among the top companies in our field with 180 employees, and our annual turnover is worth in excess of CZK 250 million.


Big business can take place even in little Modletice. Above all, thanks to the devotion and enthusiasm of our employees, the little company in a garage has grown into a supplier of products to the whole world. Today, the Czech stators and rotors made by SOPO are driving electric motors on every continent. Our success is and has always been based on the professional approach of our employees and on modern technologies that meet our customers high demands and their emphasis on precision. This is the only way that products of top quality can be made.


SOPO is one of the top experts on winding in Europe. Thanks to its narrow specialization, high-end technologies, and enormous know-how, it is able to cover a full portfolio of electric motor components. SOPO is a stable, strong firm that is further developing its technological possibilities and equipment each year. And we want to go further. One of our main strategic goals is to achieve the position of the European leader in the field of winding.


We have high-end technological equipment at our disposal. We combine the best machines from renowned manufacturers around the world with our own technologies, machines, and preparations. In 2012 and ’13 we invested 0.8 million Euros exclusively in new winding technologies and technical solutions, and in 2014 the figure is over 0.3 million Euros. We are innovating and constantly improving our services, so our customers always get the best.


Guarantee and certainty are not just about the quality of products, which must be a matter of course. At SOPO, we understand guarantees and certainty as a set of several technological, commercial, and human factors. We supply an above-average product, we offer the support of a strong, serious company that always delivers what it promises, and above all, we value every customer, and we behave accordingly.


We place great emphasis on our own development and manufacturing of technologies and winding preparations. In 2013, a brand new department was established for manufacturing prototypes, developing new products, and especially for new technological procedures in the field of winding. Thanks to this, we are today capable of offering customers optimal solutions that always take into account the demands placed on quality, the quantity to be manufactured, and the price.


SOPO’s greatest wealth is unquestionably its employees – their great effort, professional knowledge, and experience. We are manufacturing for about 30 important European customers, and it is the combination of the know-how of our employees and our individual customers that makes the SOPO brand a reliable supplier of high-quality products and high-end services.


Winding, winding, winding – that’s what we do at SOPO. It’s a very simple, powerful idea that drives everything our company does. This is also shown by the strategy that we have chosen for ourselves: SOPO wants to become the market leader in the area of making wound parts for electric motors. The path to success that we have found is actually in the narrow focus of our services.


Let’s take a look back in time and recall the important moments in the history of the SOPO GROUP.

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Company vision

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SOPO Group

SOPO s.r.o. Belongs to Sopo Group, which specializes in the field of winding.

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