Our factory in Modletice

You can find under the photo interesting facts from our new factory in Modletice

The factory

Roof area: 3.122 m2
Quantity of tiles per floor: 610 pcs
Quantity of doors in the building: 105 pcs
Quantity of lights: 596 pcs
Quantity of windows: 48 pcs

Around the factory

Concrete in roads: 456 m3
Fencing length: 481 m
Planted flowers and shrubs in the area: 604 pcs
Planted trees: 49 pcs
Tons of mulch bark in the area: 18
Volume of pond: 128 m3
Quantity of bricks in the area: 8.433 pcs
Visible distance: 9 km
Quantity of cars on the bypass daily: 75.000


Quantity of bricks per chimney: 3.488 pcs
Quantity of grilled pigs: 4 pcs
Chimney height: 12 m

Dinning room and kitchen

Capacity of the kitchen meals daily: 200
Quantity of seats: 69
Capacity of the training room: 54

Reception and offices

Capacity of the files in the archive: 1.440 pcs
Server disk array capacity: 42.000 GB
Quantity of virtual servers: 13 pcs
The rack is equipped with data sockets: 504 pcs


Weak cables: 19.000 m
Power cables: 16.000 m
Hoses: 2.400 m


Quantity of machines in the company: 532 pcs
Quantity of jigs and tools: 2.475 pcs
Quantity of gauges: 398 pcs

Central stock

Quantity of pallet places: 480 pcs
Shelf height: 5,6 m