• 1992 entry of the company into the Commercial Register
  • 1993 founding of SOPO s.r.o relocation of the electric motor repair shop from the garage of a family's home to the address Modletice 19. Repairs and rewinding of electric motors, pumps, and electric hand tools for Czech customers
  • 1996 first small-lot manufacturing – commutator rotors – replacement parts for NAREX electric hand tools
  • 1998 start of small-lot production of commutator rotors for a German customer
  • 1999 SOPO SERVIS, s.r.o. founded to separate rotor manufacturing from service. SOPO SERVIS repairs electric motors, pumps, and electric hand tools mostly for Czech customers
  • 2000 new operations site opened in Jílové near Prague for the manufacturing of special wound parts, mostly for bicycles, wheelchairs, and other low-voltage applications
    SOPO MOTOR s.r.o. founded to expand the manufacturing premises and capacity for producing stators. The production facility is located in the town of Kutná Hora. Until 2000, SOPO s.r.o. only made commutator rotors
  • 2004 new rotor manufacturing facility opened at the address Modletice 1 – start of production of commutator rotors on fully automatic winders
  • 2005 new production site opened in Ochoz near Brno in order to expand the manufacturing facilities and capacity for producing rotors and stators for unidirectional electric motors for wind turbines
  • 2008 new production site opened in Jedovnice near Blansko in order to expand the manufacturing facilities and capacity. At this time, operations are shut down in Ochoz near Brno
    new production site opened at the address Modletice 94 for the purpose of fully automatic manufacturing mostly of asynchronous stators
  • 2011 SOPO MOTOR s.r.o. is moved to a new site in Nebovidy near Kolín in order to expand the manufacturing facilities and improve conditions for employees
  • 2012 major expansion and complete modernization of the operations site at Modletice 94 to expand the production facilities, create new storage facilities, and improve conditions for employees
  • 2013 opening of a new Development Center because of the increasing need for making prototypes, development of new products together with our customers, and the associated development and implementation of made-to-order manufacturing technologies
    introduction of the new IFS information system
    moving of manufacturing from Jílové near Prague to newly renovated facilities at Modletice 1
  • 2014 opening of a new storage site in Modletice, expansion of the manufacturing facilities at the address Modletice 94 in order to greatly increase production compared with 2013
  • 2015 The foundation of SOPO INVEST s.r.o. – a sister company that manages immovable assets
    The release of the first issue of Sopoděj, our corporate quarterly
  • 2016 Expansion of production capacities – the purchase of a manufacturing facility in Bystřice nad Perštejnem
  • 2017 The merger of SOPO MOTOR s.r.o. with the parent company SOPO s.r.o.
    Holder of a quality management system certification according to the revised EN ISO 9001:2015 standard
  • 2018 Planned construction of a new administrative-manufacturing headquarters

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