Besides manufacturing and services, SOPO is heavily involved with support both for nationwide organizations and for local organizations, clubs, and civic associations.

We generally support these organizations through regular financial gifts, and in some cases we provide material assistance or vehicles for transporting people or materials. Many of the company’s employees including management also take part actively in the activities of local organizations.



This is a nongovernmental nonprofit organization based on the ideas of humanism, freedom, equality, and solidarity. It regards human dignity and freedom as basic values, and it believes that people anywhere in the world should have the right to make decisions about their own lives and to share in the rights set forth in the General Declaration of Human Rights. It therefore actively takes part in creating a society in which differences of culture, ethnicity, race etc. are a source of enrichment rather than conflict.



The Barriers Account, a key project of the Charta 77 Foundation, is the first and, so far, only continuous charity fundraiser, and for twenty-one years, tens of thousands of donors have participated. Through their regular monthly contributions, they help carry out and fund the Barriers Account program, the main goal of which is to improve the lives of our handicapped fellow citizens and to achieve their full-fledged integration into society.



This is an important music festival in the Central Bohemia Region. It combines a traditional music festival with songwriting and performing contests for children all over the Czech Republic. At present, the festival is the only one of its kind. Winners of the competition for children are given prizes and they get to appear at affiliated festivals all over the Czech Republic.



This civic association was founded for the purpose of the protection, renewal, and reconstruction of a local cultural landmark – the fort in Nebovidy. In addition to this main goal, the association also focuses on holding cultural and societal events in the town of Nebovidy, usually directly related to the historical fort.



This music festival has its foundation in folk music, and it tries to reach a wide range of listeners, especially in and around Modletice. It offers cultural activities and the chance to enjoy a pleasant afternoon for music fans, and especially for families with children. The festival always prepares an auxiliary program for families such as art workshops, a jumping castle, a magician and other performers, model trains etc. The star musicians who have already appeared at the music festival include Tomáš Klus, Aneta Langerová, and others.



The children´s home is located in the picturesque Sázava river valley in the town of Sázava, Benešov District, in the Central Bohemia Region. It was founded in 1941 for orphans during the war. 24 children live at the children’s home in three families of 8 children between 3 and 18 years of age and 3 adults – two aunts and an uncle.



As is well known, the people of Modletice actively organize all kinds of events, such as Children’s Day, festivals, amateur theatrical performances, musical evenings etc. Thus, the need arose to put al of those activities under one roof, so a Modletice association was created, with the goal of developing culture and sports in rural areas, and especially in Modletice.



The Modletice Volunteer Fire Department is an active unit with a broad membership base, and it mainly performs a supporting rule when professional firefighters respond to calls in the region. They have already taken an active part in several dozen responses in Modletice and the surrounding areas. The fire department also takes part in fire-fighting sports, and it is training several teams in various age categories. In recent years, it has dedicated it self in particular to the education and training of children and adolescents. It participates regularly and competes successfully in fire-fighting sports events in the Central Bohemia Region.



This local organization arranges cultural and entertainment events for children from Modletice and the general area. The best known event is the traditional Children’s Day that has been held for more than 30 years, and that attracts large numbers of children each year from all over the Central Bohemia Region and Prague. Alfíci also holds children’s summer camps, in-line roller skating and scooter competitions, boating trips, and weekend nature events.



This amateur theatre company has been active in Modletice for over 10 years, and it has successfully rehearsed and performed dozens of plays, and especially comedies by leading Czech and foreign dramatists. The theatre company’s home stage is in Modletice, but thanks to relationships built over the years, the company also makes guest appearances with its productions in Prague, Keblov, Těptín, and elsewhere.


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